Metrotile Roof Tiles – Weighing up to Just One Seventh of a ‘Traditional’ Conservatory Roof

A versatile profile with the appearance of a small riven slate-based on the classic North American timber shingle design, Metrotile Shingle is a simple and elegant solution for any conservatory or orangery roof.

Metrotiles are up to 7 times lighter than other roofing materials, making them an excellent lightweight choice for UPVC frames.

Metrotile tiles all come with a 40 year warranty

Metrotile Roof Tiles

How long is my Metrotile guarantee?

Every installation comes with a unique 40 year weatherproof guarantee.

How shallow a pitch can they be used on?

Metrotiles can be used on pitches as low as 10 degrees.

How well do Metrotiles weather?

Metrotiles are tested to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

What standards do Metrotiles meet?

Metrotiles meet British – BBA – and European standards.
metrotiles meeting bba standards

How ‘eco-friendly’ are Metrotiles?

Each Metrotile is 100% recyclable. Their lightness also makes them more energy efficient to transport.
eco friendly metrotiles